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Praise for J.T.’s Novels 


EDGE OF BLACK (Samantha Owens #2)

Romantic Times Top Pick 

"A biological attack on the Washington, D.C., subway system propels Ellison’s suspenseful second Samantha Owens novel (after A Deeper Darkness). Former medical examiner Sam has moved from Nashville, Tenn., to the nation’s capital, where she’s a guest lecturer at George Washington University. When a female student mysteriously passes out in class, Sam takes her to the ER only to discover that the student is just one of the victims of a biological agent released into the Metro. Only three people actually die as a result of this possible terrorist attack. Sam winds up working diligently with Det. Darren Fletcher, a member of the task force investigating the crime, to find the culprit, who Sam’s boyfriend, former Army Ranger Xander Whitfield, believes may have a peculiarly personal motive for the attack. The action builds to a breathtaking conclusion as Sam, Fletch, and Xander seek the connections among the three victims, from the inner circles of D.C. to the wilds of Colorado."  ~Publishers Weekly

"Ellison delivers another outstanding crime thriller that plays on many of a reader's emotions: fear, love, hate and shock among them. It's obvious from the first page that this is a master at work. Samantha is such a great character that Ellison can be forgiven for not writing another Taylor Jackson. Fans of Michael Connelly or Patricia Cornwell should consider Ellison essential reading."  ~ Romantic Times (Top Pick!)


A DEEPER DARKNESS (Samantha Owens #1)

A May 2012 Indie Next Pick
Publisher's Weekly Pick of the Week (April 16, 2012)
Romantic Times Top Pick 

"Thriller Award–winner Ellison (Where All the Dead Lie) introduces Dr. Samantha Owens, Tennessee’s head medical examiner, in this scintillating first in a new forensic series. Sam, still reeling from the loss of her husband and young children in a flood two years earlier, receives a desperate phone call from Eleanor Donovan, the mother of a boy she dated at medical school in Georgetown, security consultant Eddie Donovan. Eddie, a former Army Ranger who served in Afghanistan, was shot dead in an apparent carjacking, but Eleanor, convinced her son wasn’t a random victim, implores Sam to come to Washington, D.C., to conduct a second autopsy. Once in D.C., obsessive-compulsive Sam must face the demons of Eddie’s memory and his widow’s resentment. Meanwhile, other former members of Eddie’s Ranger unit start turning up dead. The suspenseful plot takes many a twist and turn before reaching its startling conclusion." ~Publishers Weekly

"Ellison's latest focuses on medical examiner Samantha Owens, and readers will quickly realize they don't miss Taylor Jackson at all. A gut-wrenching tale that rings with emotional resonance and heart amidst the thrills, A DEEPER DARKNESS ranks as Ellison's best book yet. Her amazing streak of great thrillers continues." ~Top Pick, Romantic Times

"While the newest bead in Ellison’s string of superlative works,  it’s her most ambitious --- and clearly best --- book to date. Ellison once again demonstrates a wide range of expert knowledge of forensics and, in this case, insider knowledge of the governmental environs of Washington, D.C....  If A DEEPER DARKNESS is the launch point for a second series, Ellison should have no problem attracting readers to both."  ~Bookreporter

"Tightly plotted and often surprising, this story drew me in and wouldn't let go. A gem!” ~Keri Rojas, Cornerstone Cottage Kids, Hampton, May Indie Next Pick 

"Shocking suspense, compelling characters and fascinating forensic details. When it comes to fast-paced thrillers, J.T. Ellison always has her game on."
~Lisa Gardner, #1 NYT bestselling author of CATCH ME

"A DEEPER DARKNESS has everything I love in a thriller: stunning twists and shocks, fascinating forensics, and heroines I deeply cared about. JT Ellison is one of the best writers in the game."
~Tess Gerritsen, NYT bestselling author of THE SILENT GIRL

"A DEEPER DARKNESS is not only a compelling thriller but a multilayered meditation on grief and loss. Dr. Samantha Owens is a forensic investigator with heart and soul and this is the start of a most promising new series for rising star JT Ellison."
~Jeff Abbott, NYT bestselling Author of ADRENALINE

"Intense and riveting, A DEEPER DARKNESS is JT Ellison at her finest. Dr. Samantha Owens is one of the most memorable and engaging characters in thriller fiction today. I want more Sam! JT Ellison is a master storyteller, and ultimately A DEEPER DARKNESS is an extraordinary story of life and hope. Superb!"
~Carla Neggers, NYT bestselling author of Saint's Gate

"A Deeper Darkness hits all the right notes: terrific characters, great setting, fast pace and fascinating storyline. Dark and compelling, rich with authentic detail, I couldn’t put it down. Look out Kay Scarpetta, there’s a new medical examiner on the block."
~Erica Spindler, NYT bestselling author of WATCH ME DIE

"A Deeper Darkness is everything a great thriller should be: clever, complex, and captivating. J.T. Ellison’s gripping new series is a winner!"
~Allison Brennan, NYT bestselling author of SILENCED

WHERE ALL THE DEAD LIE  (Taylor Jackson #7)

Nominated for the RWA RITA® Award for Best Romantic Suspense 2012
Romantic Times Top Pick 

"Ellison deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as Lisa Gardner and Tess Gerritsen. Her latest novel examines life after experiencing a traumatic event while also ripping raw the feelings of grief, fear and loneliness. Ellison is a genius and should be mandatory reading for any thriller aficionado."
~ Romantic Times, 4 1/2 Stars Top Pick! 

"The growing suspense will keep readers glued..."
~ Publishers Weekly

"JT Ellison gets her Hitchcock on, expertly ratcheting up the tension, twisting her finely honed plot, and just plain messing with her characters' heads until the superbly explosive end. Not to be missed!" ~ Lisa Gardner, #1 NYT bestselling author of LOVE YOU MORE

"WHERE ALL THE DEAD LIE is riveting! J.T. Ellison is in top form with this stunning novel of psychological suspense. Atmospheric, emotional, eerie and impossible to put down."
 ~ Carla Neggers, NYT bestselling author of SAINT'S GATE 

"This is one of those novels that grips you from the very first page. Excellent and intriguing with full blown characters that come alive. It's a novel not to be missed."
 ~ Heather Graham, NYT bestselling author of GHOST WALK


SO CLOSE THE HAND OF DEATH (Taylor Jackson #6)

Romantic Times Top Pick 

"Ellison’s sixth novel featuring homicide lieutenant Taylor Jackson is arguably her best book to date. A tense thrill ride filled with secrets, raw emotion and death, newcomers will love it as much as her longtime fans. After completing this one, you will scream for the next book." ~ Romantic Times, 4 1/2 Stars TOP PICK!

"SO CLOSE THE HAND OF DEATH is a terrific piece of fiction from the shocking first page to the exquisite, staggering end. The talented J.T. Ellison designs a complex plot with multifarious characters who will chill you and make you glad you are reading fiction safely in a cozy spot." ~ Fresh Fiction



THE IMMORTALS (Taylor Jackson #5)

Starred Review from Publishers Weekly

"Ellison's outstanding fifth Taylor Jackson thriller (after February 2010's The Cold Room) pits the homicide cop against a killer in league with the dark side. On Halloween, the day Jackson gets her lieutenant's badge back after being unjustly demoted, somebody ritualistically murders eight teens in one of Nashville's tonier neighborhoods. Jackson could use the help of her fiancé, FBI profiler John Baldwin, but he's been called back to Quantico to face a disciplinary investigation after another agent's files implicate him in a badly mishandled case. Jackson and her crackerjack team are left on their own to systematically locate and analyze every clue. The police procedural details never get in the way of the potent characterization and clever plotting, and Ellison systematically cranks up the intensity all the way to the riveting ending." ~ Publishers Weekly (starred review) 


THE COLD ROOM (Taylor Jackson #4_

ITW Thriller Award Winner - Best Paperback Original of 2010
Romantic Times Top Pick

“Flawlessly plotted, with well-defined characters and conflict, Ellison’s latest is quite simply a gem.” ~Romantic Times Top Pick!

“THE COLD ROOM combines SILENCE OF THE LAMBS with THE WIRE.” ~January Magazine

“Morbidly elegant plot twists…” ~Fiction Nation

"What Jeff Lindsay’s DARKLEY DREAMING DEXTER does for Miami, Ellison’s Jackson novels do for Nashville.” ~Nashville Scene

 “Gritty and realistic and filled with intense action.” ~Midwest Book Review



JUDAS KISS (Taylor Jackson #3)

Starred Review from Publishers Weekly

“Carefully orchestrated plot twists and engrossing characters combine in Ellison's explosive third Lt. Taylor Jackson investigation (after 2008's 14). Nashville homicide investigator Taylor is called to the scene of a disturbing murder: beautiful, pregnant Corrine Wolff, brutally beaten in front of her young daughter. Signs point to Corinne's husband, Todd, but Taylor has her doubts. When she learns that the Wolffs were making and distributing amateur pornography, other investigators in her office turn up old X-rated footage of Taylor that could destroy her career and her engagement to FBI agent John Baldwin. Meanwhile, an old enemy of John's has resurfaced and is intent on revenge. The story moves at breakneck speed, seamlessly flowing from Taylor's world into John's until they intersect for electrifying results. Flawed yet identifiable characters and genuinely terrifying villains populate this impressive and arresting thriller."
~Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

“Ellison has a flair for the macabre shared by few writers."
~Romantic Times (4 1/2 Stars)

“Nashville's homicide Lieutenant Taylor Jackson is back in a third thrilling novel with a murder that will have your head spinning. Her fiancé', FBI profile Baldwin, is hot on the trail of another killer that will connect to the high profile criminal, the Pretender, who we watched like a train-wreck in the previous book, 14. This is a thrilling roller-coaster ride...very complex but likeable characters and a plot that twists and turns, leaving you breathless and stunned at its climax. If your looking for an edge-of-your-seat thriller, then pick up a copy today. You won't be disappointed."
~Romance Junkies (4 1/2 Blue Ribbons)

"With a heartbreaking opening and a heart-stopping conclusion, J.T. Ellison's third novel is at times disturbing, at times titillating, and from start to finish a fast-paced pleasure to read."
 ~Steven Steinbock, The Strand Magazine


14 (Taylor Jackson #2)

 “Fans of intelligently written, intricately crafted thrillers should definitely check out J.T. Ellison's latest Taylor Jackson novel, "14." This sequel to 2007's "All the Pretty Girls" pits Nashville homicide lieutenant Taylor Jackson and her soon-to-be husband, FBI profiler John Baldwin, against a plethora of adversaries, including an apparently returned, infamous serial killer who vanished 20 years earlier. Plot twists include the disappearance and likely death of Taylor's morally bankrupt father, the discovery of a sexual slavery ring, and—perhaps most terrifying of all—a looming wedding ceremony. Fusing gritty cop drama with dark psychological thriller, Ellison distinguishes herself with exceptional character development, consistently breakneck pacing and a sense of authenticity throughout .” ~Chicago Tribune

“14 is a twisty creepy and wonderful book... Ellison is relentless and grabs the reader from the first page and refuses to let go until the soul tearing climax.” ~Crimespree

"Ellison's second Taylor Jackson story is precisely plotted and crisply written, and there are several effective twists. It's guaranteed to elicit shivers with its cold-blooded, sociopathic villain--and to keep readers on edge until the last page."
~Romantic Times (4 1/2 Stars)

“J.T. Ellison's 14 holds up against any top drawer suspense novel. The title refers to the number of people slain in the serial killings. Troubling, though, is the fact that 10 of the murders were committed in the 1980s by an unidentified serial slayer designated as "The Snow White Killer." When an additional four bodies, replete with the serial killer's signature, appear now, the question is whether the long dormant Snow White killer has returned or whether the recent murders are the handiwork of a similarly depraved copycat. Nashville Homicide Lieutenant Taylor Jackson lands and solves the case, but not without chilling challenges along the way. You won't want to read this when you're home alone at night, but you will want to read it.”
~Mystery Scene

“14 is right on par with her spectacular debut, ALL THE PRETTY GIRLS. With bold characters, a breathtaking pace and a gob of clever twists, 14 is unbelievably brilliant. The characters, the plotting and the relentless action are meticulously drawn. . . Ms. Ellison is on her way to becoming a major new talent.”
~Romance Reader at Heart (RRAH) Top Pick

“With just two titles released, J.T. Ellison has proven herself to be one of the best new thriller authors out there. Her characters are solid and her plots are refreshingly original - and what a great ending!”

“A nail-biting sequel to her debut novel, All the Pretty Girls. If you're a fan of the genre, you'll love 14.”

“A Shakespearean tragedy.”
~The Tennessean

“Thrills and chills, unexpected twists and turns, and enough scary bits to keep you awake long into the night make 14 a sure-fire winner. Don’t miss it.”
~Romance Reviews Today


ALL THE PRETTY GIRLS (Taylor Jackson #1 – Ellison’s debut novel)

"With this debut thriller, Ellison puts her mentoring by Lee Child to good use. Ellison does a nice job of laying the groundwork and creating suspense. Equally well done are the refreshingly realistic procedural details."
 ~Library Journal 

"Ellison does a skillful job of capturing the city and its flavors, while taking the police procedural out of its usual New York/Los Angeles/Chicago big-city milieu and placing it in a mid-sized, vibrant Southern city. She's populated her novel with believable players, on both sides of the law."

"Ellison's debut novel is relentlessly paced and intricately plotted – and it features a villain who will have readers looking over the shoulders, even in the daylight." ~Romantic Times (4 Stars)

"Although Nashville is the site where all the action occurs in J.T. Ellison's strong mystery novel . . . the style, tone, careful thematic development and character interaction share many things with works set in other cities. [All the Pretty Girls] has the attention to detail, unexpected twists and puzzles that are vital to topflight crime fiction." ~Nashville City Paper

"Ellison paints a disturbing picture of a deranged serial killer, and the atmosphere of the book is taut, tense and suspenseful. The author's other forte is characterization . . . TV reporter Whitney Connolly leaps off the page, as does her twin sister, Belle Meade socialite Quinn Buckley. Even the murdered girls are quite vivid in the short time the reader has with them. Realistic descriptions of Nashville landmarks . . . add to the pleasure of reading this book. For the erudite, poetry snippets offer clues from the savage killer. The best part of All the Pretty Girls, though, is it's breathless pace."
~The Tennessean

"A taut, striking debut. Crime fiction has a new name to watch."
~John Connolly, NY Times bestselling author of THE BLACK ANGEL and THE BOOK OF LOST THINGS

A terrific lead character, terrific suspense, terrific twists ... a completely convincing debut."
~Lee Child, NY Times bestselling author of ONE SHOT

"J.T. Ellison's debut novel rocks. Darkly compelling and thoroughly chilling, with rich characterization and a well-layered plot, ALL THE PRETTY GIRLS is everything a great crime thriller should be."
~Allison Brennan, NY Times bestselling author of SEE NO EVIL

"Fast-paced and creepily believable, Ellison's novel proves that there is still room in the genre for new authors and new cops."
~M.J. Rose, International bestselling author of THE VENUS FIX

"Taylor Jackson is a fresh portrayal of a cop with a serial killer to catch. Creepy thrills from start to finish."
~James O. Born, author of BURN ZONE

"ALL THE PRETTY GIRLS is a spellbinding suspense novel and Tennessee has a new dark poet."
~Julia Spencer-Fleming, Edgar finalist and author of ALL MORTAL FLESH

"This dark and sizzling thriller introduces three unforgettable new stars: Detective Taylor Jackson, nouvelle Nashville, and author JT Ellison herself. A deliriously readable noir debut."
~Alexandra Sokoloff, author of THE HARROWING

"ALL THE PRETTY GIRLS is a masterful thriller, shockingly authentic and unputdownable."
~J.A. Konrath, author of DIRTY MARTINI

"ALL THE PRETTY GIRLS could well put Ellison and Taylor Jackson on the track to become to Nashville what Laura Lippman and Tess Monaghan are to Baltimore."
~Tasha Alexander, author of AND ONLY TO DECEIVE